Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is nothing more complicated than connecting to the energy of a spiritual source of your choice and then asking sincerely for that energy to bring you healing. It is something you can do anywhere there is a presence of strong spiritual energy, either in nature; at well-known locations, such as Stonehenge in England, or in cathedrals that have been built over sources of strong spiritual energy, such as Chartres in France, St. Barbara's in Kutna Hora, Czechia, or Stephansdom, here in Vienna. But even better, and easier, is that you can do it in your own home!

Spiritual healing sounds very similar to going to a church and praying, but it is not. In spiritual healing, you actually feel the presence of the healing energy in your body. It creates heat or strong vibration in your body whereas in prayer this aspect is missing. This is why it is such a powerful form of healing.

Here are five photographs to show you how easy it is to do in your own home. I took these photographs in the house of Katarina Heidenreich, in Dresden, in her massage room. Katarina is a wonderful spiritual healer.

1. Put aside a small room, or area, in your home to be used for rest, healing or meditation. Populate the room with pictures, photos, books or statues representing any spiritual person or persons you resonate with. Place a chair or small bed in your healing space for you to sit in or lie down on while resting or meditating.

 2. Make some sort of physical connection between your spiritual pictures or statues and the chair, or bed, you use for your resting or meditating. In this example I am using lengths of white fabric, or gurtbänder, to connect a small massage mattress to four sources of powerful spiritual energy, symbolised by their statues, pictures or photos: Anubis, St. Barbara, Kwan Yin and Mother Meera

3. Once connected, sit or lie in your chair or bed and see if you can feel or connect to the energy. The two most common ways of experiencing a connection to spiritual energy are a feeling of tingling in your body or a feeling of heat in your body, usually in your lower back, close to your sacrum.

4. Once you feel the spiritual energy in your body, simply ask the energy for the healing that you need. Be sincere in your request. Maybe you need the strength to get through a difficult period in your life. Maybe you need some help in understanding why things haven't always worked out for you. Maybe you need help in choosing what is best for you in the future. Whatever help you need, be sincere in your request.

5. Quietly, in your mind, repeat over and over again your specific request for healing, for example: 'to make the best decisions for me in life' until it becomes a form of mantra. Continue repeating your mantra until the tingling feeling, or heat, spreads more and more throughout your body. This is the healing energy spreading more deeply into you. Note any feeling of resistance, blockage or discomfort in your body. These are the areas in your body where you are holding specific energies, such as hurtful memories, beliefs or emotions, which are blocking your ability to make the best decisions for you in life. 'Work' through these resistances. When you finally feel the tingling feeling, the spiritual energy, begin to subside, the healing is done for that particular session.

6. Finally, ask the energy if there is anything you can do in return, to say thank you. Maybe you will just get the feeling to say 'thank you' out loud.

And that's it.

It is tempting to think 'what rubbish', or 'how can you so easily heal something which has caused me problems for so many years', but this is the way spiritual healing works. When you feel blocked in life, your thoughts and emotions generate an energy field of specific wavelength around you. You can google 'emotional experiments with water' to see how water, when infused with the energy of human anger is different in crystalline structure to water infused with human love. And bear in mind that, as human beings, we are over 60% water.

Spiritual energy, when it enters your body, simply alters the frequency of any negative energy stored in your body, so you no longer feel it as strongly as before. It changes its 'crystalline structure' as it were. Painful memories feel less so. Negative thoughts are harder to generate. Spiritual healing moves you away from a position of negativity towards a position of positivity. It is the same as adding white paint to black paint. The black is no longer black.

Spiritual energy and spiritual healing is particularly effective when it comes to releasing damaging beliefs and patterns of behaviour which run through your family lineage, for example if your grandfather was a highly controlling person who controlled your father, who, in turn exerted strong control over you.

Spiritual healing is both beautiful and easy to do and the more you do it, the greater its cumulative effect. The more you keep adding white paint to black, the more white the paint becomes.