Want to know about your future?

Did you know that before you are born, you already know what you want to be when you grow up?

While still in the womb, one of the tasks of the unborn baby is to integrate its spiritual consciousness with its human consciousness. This is something you are free to believe in, or not, but it is something I have felt on numerous occasions when connecting to the energy of an unborn child in the womb while massaging its pregnant mother.

Pregnant mothers can also be aware of this phenomenon without realising it, as the realisation comes in dreams which are often difficult to interpret, such as a dream in which aliens come to invade their womb and/or of metal shapes, metal hooks or metal clasps. In such dreams, the alien represents the in-coming spiritual consciousness of the child into the womb and the metal hooks represent the already-present human consciousness which is trying to hook or attach itself to the in-coming spiritual consciousness. This is the process of foetal integration revealed in dreams.

The spiritual consciousness of the unborn child contains a rough blueprint of its future; the kind of person it is going to be when it grows up, for example an academic, an artist or an athlete.

If a child is born with its spiritual and human consciousnesses not fully integrated, the child loses its awareness of its 'soul purpose' or future. Such a child can then easily be manipulated by society, most notably through the process of school education, into becoming a person that fits society, but not the purpose the child has chosen for itself.

However, even if you have not yet integrated with your spiritual consciousness, it doesn't mean that it is not there. It is. And if you can connect to your spiritual consciousness, then you can connect with the information contained in it that tells you the type of life and the type of person you chose for yourself to become. Your true self. Your 'soul purpose'. Your reason for being here.

Connecting with your spiritual consciousness is one of the exercises I set-up and facilitate for all of my students who come to any of my workshops.

It is easy to do. I simply create an environment for you in which your spiritual consciousness centres can be opened-up and in which the energy that contains the blueprint of your life can freely enter your energy field. From there, the energy is then moved from your outer energy field, your outer awareness, into your inner energy field, your inner awareness, your bodily awareness.

In terms of energy work, this is the same as opening your fifth, sixth and seventh chakras and moving the energy that enters these chakras downwards along your spine into your fourth chakra, where you first become aware of the energy of your future, and then downwards into your third and second chakras, where you get a glimpses of a future pathway, or plan, for you to follow.

This gives you a glimpse of your own future. The future that is aligned to the future you chose for yourself, however, and not the future others in society have designed for you to follow. You may get a glimpse of yourself being a doctor, your true destiny, while you are, at this moment in life, working in IT.

However, not everyone who partakes in this wonderful exercise gets a glimpse of their future. Sceptics, who have already made their minds up, will not see it and people with strongly closed fifth and sixth chakras will not see it either. You have to ask in order to receive. It's simple like that.

It is my role, in my workshops, to be the facilitator. I set everything up for you. I invite you to participate. And if you sincerely want to participate, then you participate. And if you sincerely want to receive, you receive. That's your freedom of choice.

So, what does this exercise look like, you may ask. What do you have to do? What do I do to you? Good questions. So, on this page are two photographs to show you what this exercise looks like.

As always in my work, I use lengths of coloured fabric to facilitate the exercise. Fabrics of specific colour:
White = your spiritual consciousness.
Purple, indigo and sky blue = the pathways along which spiritual energy descends from above your head into your body and along your spine, to the back of your heart, which is where spiritual consciousness integrates with human consciousness.
Yellow, orange and red = the centres in your body where spiritual consciousness forms concrete ideas and plans and sparks the physical energy needed to turn your ideas and plans into action.

The first photograph at the top of the page shows the exercise being set-up for an individual person. The second photograph, below, shows the exercise being set up for a group of people. By linking two or more people together in the exercise, the strength and effect of the exercise is greatly increased.