I am very pleased to announce the publication of my book
'Emotion and Healing in the Energy Body'.
(pub. Healing Arts Press, USA, June 2015)
The book is a comprehensive experiential guide to the eight types of subtle energy housed in the body and the specific physical and metaphysical effects they have on the body.

The eight types of subtle energy described are:
Emotional Energy
Mental Energy
Sexual Energy
Spiritual Energy
Environmental Energy
Energy from other People
Inherited/Ancestral Energy
Karmic Energy

  • The book additionally details how emotional trauma, long-term stress and environmental influences cause energy blockages in the subtle body and can give rise to a wide range of physical discomfort in the body.
  • The book explores more than 30 specific physical ailments, detailing the energetic origins of each condition and which meridians, chakras and points are affected. Tips and advice are offered on how best to work through and release each ailment.
  • For massage therapists and yoga practitioners, the book explains how to interpret and work with the various subtle energies as they arise in the body in massage and during yoga practice.

This book is a culmination of fifteen years' experience of hands-on energy work through the modality of Thai massage and is suitable for any energy-sensitive massage therapists, physiotherapists and bodyworkers, yoga teachers, long-term yoga practitioners, energy workers, spiritual healers and anyone curious about energy.

'Emotion and Healing in the Energy Body' is available from Amazon, Goodreads, The Book Depository and Barnes & Noble amongst others. There is a link to purchasing the book on the front page of this website.