Robert Henderson
Workshops and seminars. Published books and articles.

2018 Workshops
Austria - Vienna
November 17-18. Energy Work - Special Weekend.

November 30.-02. December. Dresden. "Energie Tankstelle". Re-charge your Body, Mind and Soul.

Switzerland - Solothurn
December 08.-09. The Connection between Chakras and Meridians and the Physical Body in Yoga and Massage.

2019 Workshops
Austria - Vienna
February 16.-17. Energy Work I.
April 13.-14. Energy Work II.
June 15.-16. Energy Work III.

Recently Published Articles:

Yoga Aktuell, August-September 2018:
'Anahatas Energien in der Yogapraxis'.
- the connection between your heart chakra and your arms in yoga practice.

Kindred Spirit, September-October 2018:
'How to recognise your hara as it opens and releases in you'.

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