Robert Henderson

September 30 - 04 October. Mill Beg, County Cork, Ireland.

1. Die Schlüssel zu Anahata im Yogaunterricht.
The keys to unlocking Anahata in yoga practice.
Yoga Aktuell 141, August - September 2023.

2. Sex und kraftvolle Frauen.
Sex and powerful Women.
Yoga Aktuell 138, February - March 2023.

3. Chakra Balancing.
Yoga Aktuell 137, December 2022 - January 2023.

4. Die Sex und Spiritualität Illusion.
The great sex and spirituality illusion.
Yoga Aktuell 122, June-July 2020.

5. Eltern-Kind-Beziehungen Heilen.
Healing the parent-child relationship.
Yoga Aktuell 120, February-March 2020.

6. Wohlstand nach wunsch?
Manifestation and Abundance: Why it isn't working - for you.
Yoga Aktuell 118, October-November 2019.

7. Ich werde dich niemals verlassen.
Finding the right person to say "I will never leave you" to.
Yoga Aktuell 117, August-September 2019.

8. Treating Clients with Past Trauma.
Massage World, Issue 104, June-July 2019.

9. Anahatas Energien in der Yogapraxis.
The connection between your heart chakra and your arms in yoga practice.
Yoga Aktuell 111, August-September 2018.

10. Die Seele des Psoas.
The psoas: the soul of the muscle.
Yoga Aktuell 98, June-July 2016.

11. Chakren & Energien in der Yogapraxis.
The connection between the chakras and the body in yoga practice.
Yoga Aktuell 95, December 2015-January 2016.

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