Four Healings

 Four Healings.

4.-5. July 2020.

Four group healing sessions offered across two days.

Each session has its own specific aim and outcome:
Participants can choose to attend any session(s) they wish.The four sessions offered are:

1. For your Body - Healing with Gold.
Gold energy is the highest, strongest force in energy healing for the body, used to unblock the deepest of energy blockages, especially in the first chakra, relating to family and ancestral issues. Once you have connected to the energy, and I will show you how, you can use the energy to help release any specific bodily energy blockage of your choice.

2. For your Heart - Healing with Kwan Yin.
The Asian Goddess of Compassion. In this healing session, the strongly heart-centred energy of Kwan Yin is invoked and invited into the healing session. Participants can use this energy to open and strengthen their hearts, filling it with the warmth, joy and happiness of love. Wear something green or bring a green crystal to hold in your hand to help ground yourself in this most wonderful of healing energy experiences.

3. For your Mind - A Conversation with 7 Deities.
In 1995 Neale Donald Walsch wrote the book  'Conversations with God' in which he connected with the energy of deity and reported his experience, in the form of a conversation. This is your chance to do the same and to receive similar levels of wisdom, insight and help. But with two differences. In this conversation, you will not have a conversation with only one deity but with seven and the information you will receive is specifically for you and no one else. So, bring a notebook and pen to write everything down. The more questions you ask, the more answers you get.

4. For your Soul - Healing with Krishna.
This is a very powerful healing in which the white light of cleansing and purification is offered to you. You can use this energy to cleanse and purify your entire energy system, including your chakras and meridians. It is an energy you can also use to bring yourself into alignment with your soul (purpose). Filling yourself with this energy leaves you feeling uplifted, cleansed and renewed.

Cost per session: €40.
Max. 8 participants per session.
To register, please write to Robert Henderson at: