It’s All My Parents’ Fault
Taking Back Ownership & Control of Your Life Following Familial Trauma or Abuse

In this compelling and illuminating account of hurt, struggle, recovery and redemption, Robert Henderson guides the reader through the complete arc of a self-healing process following a period of familial trauma or abuse.

Drawing on his own experience of recovery from childhood neglect, near death and subsequent parental cover-up, the author breaks the process out into three distinct and easy to follow parts: Healing, Realignment and Manifestation.


In doing so, the book not only focuses on the process of understanding, letting go and forgiving a past hurt but extends the healing process by showing how to discover the way your life would have been without the trauma happening and completes the process with sound, practical advice on how to now manifest that life today. It is these latter aspects of healing that give the reader the power to take back ownership and control of their life following the period of hurt.



Emotion and Healing in the Energy Body
A Handbook of Subtle Energies in Massage and Yoga

A comprehensive guide to subtle energy and its associated physical manifestations in which Robert Henderson reveals how the discomfort and pain you carry in your physical body is often related to the energetic experiences you have had in your life.

The author details eight types of energy that create physical effect in the body: Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Sexual, Environmental, Interpersonal, Ancestral and Karmic.


Explaining how these energies are drawn into your body though the chakras and then distributed around your body by the meridians, the author explains how suffering acute emotional trauma or long-term stress causes one or more of these energies to build up in your body, causing blockages, unless they are processed and let go. These blockages then manifest as tension, tightness, coldness, contraction, weakness and even physical pain in the muscles and connective tissue in the body.  The author details 30 specific pains in the body caused by energy blockage, explaining the cause of each one and demonstrating the best ways to help release and move on from each condition.

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