Thai Energy Bodywork is a form of healing that combines elements of Thai massage with elements of energy work.

In recognises that the condition of the physical body is greatly influenced by a kind of energy known as subtle energy.

There are eight different types of subtle energy:
Emotional energy (love, fear, anger, sadness etc).
Mental energy (self-belief, will, determination, stubborness etc).
Environmental energy (stress at work, difficulty at home).
Energy from other people in your life (how a partner/parent treats you and the effect this has on you).
Sexual energy (how sex, or even the thought of sex, makes you feel).
Spiritual energy (the inner peace and lightness you get from meditation).
Inherited, ancestral energy (the emotional and behavioural characteristics you inherit from your parents and ancestors: 'like father, like son').
Your own karmic, past-life energy.

Each type of subtle energy produces a different type of physical experience in your body. 
For example:
Fear causes you to feel cold and heavy in certain areas of your body.
Stubbornness causes the muscles in the upper half of your torso to become hard and inflexible.
Sexual energy, if unhealthy, can lead to bladder and urinary infections.
Stress at work causes tightness in your mid-chest and stomach.
The environment of your earliest childhood, if cold or unloving, causes your hips and pelvic girdle to close and contract.

Subtle energy is also the cause of non-specific body pain. Pain you know you have but your doctor is unable to diagnose. Pain that does not show up in hospital tests. A mysterious pain that can last for weeks or months.

The role of an energy worker is to tune into the subtle energies in your body and to reduce or release any energy which is causing physical discomfort. The effect of an energy work treatment is to create space and freedom in your body. To leave you feeling lighter, warmer, softer, healthier. To make you feel more at ease and at peace in yourself.

Treatment is offered on the floor, with the client fully clothed and lying on comfortable, full size massage mat. Emphasis is on making the client feel as comfortable and as relaxed as possible, often allowing them to fall asleep during treatment. This creates a space of support, safety and trust into which the client can fully relax, release and be healed.

Duration of treatment: 75 minutes.
Cost: €90
Agniyoga, Ljubljana. (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
Avocado Center, Logatec. (Mondays and Wednesdays)
Zadasti Center, Celje. (Saturdays)

To book a treatment, please contact Robert Henderson directly:
T: +386 (0)30 765 155

'When I kneel down at the feet of my client
I do not see myself as a therapist.
I see myself as a gardener,
who has come to clean up your garden.

I kneel on the grass at the edge of your flower-bed
from where I start my work.
I gather up the dead leaves from the ground
that block the sun and rain that nourish your earth.

I remove the old twigs and branches
that once served you so well
but no longer do.
And I gently remove and old and dead flowers
to make room for more beautiful ones to follow.

What I do is not massage;
it is gardening.
It is getting you ready for spring.'

- Robert Henderson