Places of healing in Vienna

If you either live in, or are passing through Vienna, here are two places, one a cathedral, one a church, where there is a presence of very powerful healing energy for you to avail of. And to avail of it, all you have to do is to sit in the place where it is most strongly felt.
First off, Stephansdom.
Next time you visit Stephansdom, in central Vienna, go in through the front door and turn right, following the signs for the Eligius Kapelle.

In the chapel, sit in the middle of any of the front three rows of seats. Don't have any part of your body touching any other part of your body.
(no crossed legs/feet, hands resting on lap or joined hands).
Just sit there and draw your focus lightly into yourself.
See if you experience any sensation.
Give your body a few minutes to tune into the energy.
There is a very strong flow, or vortex, of energy coming up through the floor from deep within the earth.
The purpose of the energy is to help people.
Say hello to the energy and tell it what you need help with.
See if any answers come to you.
Otherwise wait a few days and see what your dreams tell you.

The wonderful thing about helping/healing energy like this is that it is free.
It is free to anyone and you can visit it as many times as you want.
All it asks in return is to tell other people about it.

Secondly, the church of St. Ruprecht.

This lovely old church dates back to c.760 A.D. and is reportedly built on a field of crystal.
You can feel the energy from anywhere in the church, but the closer you get to the altar, the stronger it becomes.
Again, just find somewhere to sit and relax and switch-off your mind.
And after a few minutes you will feel it.
Tingling. Starting in your feet and then spreading to other parts of your body.
If you feel it, just try and tune-in to it.
Allow the tingling to move through you.
The effect is simply to raise your body and your consciousness to a higher vibration.
This works to shake loose low vibration energies from your energy system, such as the energies of pain, guilt, shame or fear.

Because the church is no longer consecrated, no religious services take place and so you are free to wander onto and around the altar.
However, because it is no longer concentrated, it is not open all the time.
St. Ruprecht's is open Wednesday - Sunday from midday onwards. Monday and Tuesday it is closed.